In a glass, flavors entwine,
Beermato vodka, spicy, divine.
A brew of heat, a dance of taste,
Tomato's zing, not a drop to waste.
Sip of pepper, tomato's embrace,
Chasing the burn with a refreshing chase.
Spices and hops, a symphony grand,
A spirited blend crafted by skilled hand.


Introducing Beermato"™



Beer and Tomato


In the world of beverage innovation, the art of crafting a unique, healthy and tantalizing concoctions never ceases.



One Such Innovation


A versatile flavored drink designed to harmonize effortlessly

with both beer and vodka.

Beermato™ embodies a new wave of taste experiences.


Drawing inspiration from classic favorites and

introducing a novel twist,

Beermato™ enters the scene with a distinct flair.


Consider the iconic drinks that have shaped mixology:


Bloody Mary

A classic cocktail known for its potent blend of vodka, tomato juice,

and an array of spices and flavorings.


Virgin Mary

A delightful alternative for mocktail enthusiasts, capturing the

essence of the Bloody Mary NON-alcoholic.


Red Snapper

A sibling to the Bloody Mary, this cocktail embraces

gin as a base while keeping the tomato juice at its heart.



A vibrant Mexican creation, uniting beer and tomato juice with

a zesty infusion of lime juice and seasonings.



Melding tomato juice with the richness of clam broth

servined as the foundation for cocktails like the Michelada.


Tomato Martini

A masterful twist on the traditional martini,

incorporating tomato juice FOR  a savory profile.



A daring concoction blending vodka or gin with beef bouillon or broth alongside tomato juice for a distinctive flavor blend.


Dirty Tomato

A variation of the classic Dirty Martini, where tomato

juice lends a unique dimension to this Cocktail.


Gazpacho Cocktail

Inspired by the beloved Spanish soup, this cocktail marries vodka and tomato juice with the vibrancy of gazpacho elements such as peppers and cucumbers.


Red Beer

A refreshing uncomplicated fusion melding of tomato juice

with beer forms a revitalizing union referred to as a "red beer."


In this realm of flavor exploration, Beermato™ stands as

an embodiment of innovation, offering a new way

to revel in the delicious interplay between beer, tomato,

and vodka. With its harmonious marriage of elements,


Beermato™ invites you to savor a journey of taste, tradition,

and the excitement of a novel concoction

that is bound to leave an indelible mark on your palate.




The Beermato™ Caesar


Start with a base of crisp and refreshing lager, which is then mixed a Beermato™ tangy clam flavored juice for a savory kick. But what sets this cocktail apart is the addition of our secret blend of spices and a generous splash of hot sauce, which adds a bold and spicy flavor to every sip.

Here's the recipe for the Beermato™ Caesar:



14 oz of lager beer

2 oz of Beermoto™ Clam Flavor

1 Tbsp. of Beermoto™ Worcestershire sauce

1 Tbsp. of hot sauce (such as Tabasco or Beermato™ hot sauce)

1 tsp. of Beermoto™ celery salt

1 tsp. of black pepper Lime wedge Ice



Rim a tall glass with celery salt and fill it with ice.

Add the Beermoto™ Clam Flavor Juice, Beermoto™ Worcestershire sauce, Beermoto™ hot sauce, celery salt, and black pepper to the glass.

Pour in the lager beer and stir gently to combine.

Squeeze the lime wedge over the top of the cocktail and garnish with a celery stick or your preferred garnish.


Enjoy your Beermato™ Caesar!

With its unique blend of flavors and perfect balance of spice and tanginess, the Beermato™ Caesar is sure to be a hit at your next brunch or barbecue.


Give it a try and impress your friends with your mixology skills!